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Gcode smart driver
direct G-code output from any windows program

Gcode Driver is a Windows® Driver enables direct G-code output from any windows software, including: CorelDraw, MS Word, Illustrator, Art&Letters, PaintBrush and many more. With automatic conversion for all types of graphical objects (Vector, Text, Bitmaps and etc.)  G-Codes for direct output to plotter or CNC machine. 
Gcode - Features Tour

Professional   Vesion $449 US| Buy Now| Download Free Trial 

Gcode without bitmap converter $119 US|Buy Now| Download Free Trial 

Directly from any Windows® program... with G-code Smart Driver... engrave to any plotting, CNC or engraving device

Complete Features List

  • Support Windows XP and Vista
  • Works with any Windows software: CorelDraw, EngraveLab, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, MS Word, MS Paint, Art&Letters and many others.
  • Direct output to file, serial, parallel, and USB ports
  • Easy Installation in minutes as a windows program
  • No Dongle/Security keys required - Automatic authorization and activation during installation
  • Supports all variations of G-Codes (CNC machines)
  • Supports any standard commands renaming
  • Build-In Cutter compensation with overlapping support (Professional version)
  • Supports multiple passes with individual custom engraving settings
  • Multiple Materials Support: schemes for SST, Plastic, Burnishing and many others. Use PlotAll library of materials with editable configurations or add your own.
  • Regions support - use different cutter settings for different parts of the same artwork (Professional version)
  • Engrave any path forward / reverse
  • True View - real size Engraver simulator (Professional version)
  • Optimized Hatch Fill to bitmaps, text or shapes (Professional version)
  • Graphic manipulation and editing:
    Vectorizing with cutter compensation, hatch fills and centerlines and vector editing
    Unlimited Undo/Redo options (Professional version)
  • Saves art work as PLT files for further use

Tech Specs 
Gcode Driver will work with any G-codes enabled machines after simple configuration.

G-Code Driver can be configured with the following options:

  • 2 or 4 axis output (TWIN coordinates) 
  • Set origin to TopLeft, TopRight, BottomLeft, BottomRight or Center 
  • Absolute or relative commands
  • Any lines separator 
  • Lines numbering
  • Number of digits in output
  • Output XYZA renaming
  • Any commands in header, footer, beginning or ending the curve/polyline


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